Minggu, 14 Desember 2014

Pasta kacang merah panggang

Sajian yang satu ini sangat mudah untuk kita buat, sajian yang sangat di sukai oleh anak kecil  salah satu cara untuk menjaga nutrisi dalam tubuh sang buah hati bisa dengan cara membuatkan jajanan sendiri seperti membuat pasta kacang merah panggang. Berikut ini resep untuk membuatnya;

1. 150 gram pasta
2. 1 butir Bawang bombai di cincang lembut
3. 100 gram daging sapi cincang halus
4. 3 butir tomat
5. 100 gram kacang merah rebus
6. ½ merica hitam
7. 200 ml susu putih rendah lemak

. 76 gram kacang merah yang sudah disangrai dan lalu cincang kasar
. 2 sdm keju

Cara membuatnya
1. Siapkan air dan rebus hingga matang dan lalu masukkan pasta masak hingga lunak lalu tiriskan
2. Tumis bawang bombai ginga harum dan masukkan daging aduk hingga daging berubah warna.
3. Tambahkan tomat yang sudah di potong-potong dan rebusan kacang merah, aduk  hingga rata.
4 Campurkan pasta yang sdah direbus tadi kedalamnya
5. Masukkan bumbu dan susu rendah lemak masak dengan api kecil.
6. Tuangkan kewadah yang sudah di sediakan dan taburi parutan keju di atasnya.
7. Panggang sebentar dengan suhu 150 derajat celsius , selama 25 menit.

Kumpulan resep

Through CD Player Hackers can break into a Car

During the era of the current progress of the more advanced also in the automotive industry was supported by many of today's sophisticated car almost all start using the Internet facilities.
Advances in technology are very pleasant and profitable with the internet connection in the car, among others, can listen to music, use the GPS facility / directions. But technology can also be described as a knife that has two different sides.

Now in the case of burglary Hackers find a car passing by just entering CDs CDs are in it have on the supply by a virus malware that could be smart to find a gap to enter the computer system is in advanced car.

That negative impact on the advancement of technology today, only with CDs alone mobi existence can be traced easily, banyangkan just might all automotive technology on the internet to control the drive does not have to do exactly the car itself, but with the internet can walk alone, plan which will be conducted in the future in Sydney Australia.

This time to be able to take a hat with a virus WMA files contained in CDs because the virus without we can know only the flow characteristics of our work can only be known that from CDs into the computer system, named Internet OBD-II port


Jus Buah Pelangi Natal

Saat ini hari Natal sudah mulai dekat dan sangat ditunggu-tunggu bagi masyarakat umat kristiani , terlepas dari kegiatan bersembahyang umat kristiani pada saat hari natal pasti suka dengan mempersiapkan berbagai makanan dan minuman,salah satunya adalah minuman jus buah yang harus ada pada saat hari natal karena warna jus yang di sediakan memiliki beberapa arti tersendiri yang di percayai oleh umat kristiani, Berikut ini untuk membuat jus buah pelangi natal.

Bahan-bahan untuk jus buah Merah Ceria
1. 150 gram stroberi
2. 2 sdm es krim stroberi
3. Sirup stauberi

Bahan –bahan untuk Kuning Kesejahteraan
1. 150 gram mangga
2. Air jeruk manis
3. 3 sdm krim vanila

Bahan-bahan Hijau Keabadian 
1. 100 gram buah alvokat
2. 1 sdm gula pasir
3. 1 sdm esen pandan

Cara membuat jus pelangi
. Campur semua bahan yang sudah disediakan daan masing bahan jus merah, kuning, hijau di blender dengan sendiri-sendiri.
. Setelah sudah diblender semua, lalu  tuangkan jus merah dahulu kedalam gelas cantik yang sudah disiapkan, lalu jus kuning dan yang terakhir jus hijau.
. Lalu simpan ke dalam lemari es selama 2 jam
. Ambil dan sajikan dengan di hias sesuai selera , selamat menikmati dihari natal bersama keluarga dekat dirumah.


Sabtu, 13 Desember 2014

AirAsia Indonesia has the Potential Great

Indonesia is a country that has many natural resources is extraordinary compared to other countries, according to a very committed airline said that the potential of eastern Indonesia AirAsia destination so have a very high potential for advancement Indonesia because this effect occurs because it has routes to destinations tourist.

Therefore, many foreign investors who see the potential of AirAsia today many are asking cooperation with Indonesia, based on the statement Prisiden Indonesian AsiaAsia Director Sunu Widyatmoko today that he is making new route for the "Beyond Bali" and surrounding areas due to the potential of tourism in Bali is still very high. Indonesian AsiaAsia serve several routes in the country among other Palembang and chili.

Examples of these routes travel AirAsia Indonesia is currently the most excellent among Yogyakarta based evidence is still a lot of tourists who vacation in Bali would immediately proceed to Yogyakarta, therefore most dominant tourism potential preferred by foreign tourists are the two places between jogyakarta and bali.

This time will be opened in the kuala lumpur area which is one of the tourist potential at this time is almost the same demand to Bali and Malaysia are very sharp increase and is predicted to increase by the end of this year.


Jumat, 12 Desember 2014

Thin Smartphone output Innovation

Competition slim phone is inspired from many competitors that are out there, one of the products that have been prominent in 2012 has become adalan namely smart smartphone OPPO with 6.65 mm thickness which at the time was already very thin compared to other phones and besides Oppo wrong the first smart smartphone Oppo also the first time have a very strong finder and sturdy because of the clash nillon and glass fiber with aluminum which can make the circuit more durable, but now many products that can compete with the products and specifications of the oppo is Leonovo already try removing the thinnest products above Oppo.

Oppo is currently not want to feel inferior to its competitors, and finally at the end of 2014 Oppo know will make changes to its products, is expected to only have the thickness of 4, 85 mm only very thin so that the advantages compared Oppo other Smartphone.

In addition to a very thin thickness Oppo also in complete VOOC features an extremely fast charging power only with a time of 30 minutes the battery is 
charged 100% to the maximum, reinforced with aluminum and stainless stainlees display that adds more powerful and luxurious yet elegant.that product innovation yag emiliki smartphone thinnest in the appeal of other.


Resep Telur Coklat Paskah

Saat memperingati hari paskah salah satu lambang keberuntungan yang di percayai dalam masyarakat umat kristen adalah telur yang artinya lambang kehidupan yang baru dan cuci atau bersih. Maka dengan kreasi dalam merayakan paskal telur diubah menjadi sajian yang berwarna-warni diantaranya di sajikan dengan hanya di rebus saja dan ada yang menjadi coklat.
Dengan telur umat kristen mengartikan juga bahwa pada saat itu kebangkitan Yesus hubungannya dengan telur merupakan tandanya dimulai suatu kehidupan yang baru dan abadi.
Banyak pada saat itu mencari resep membuat telur coklat untuk dapat membuatnya dan disajikan pada perayaan paskal dirumahnya, beriku cara membuat telur coklat pascal warna-warni !

1. Siapakan coklat bubuk atau crim 300 gram
2. 10 gram Susu coklat
3. Mentega

. Cetakan yang berbentuk telur
. Sendok untuk mengambil adonan
. Kuas digunakan merapikan adonan pada cetakan
. Panci untuk mengukus

Cara membuat
1. Potong potong coklat kecil-kecil lalu kukus coklat sampai meleleh.
2.  Setelah meleleh masukan mentega lalu aduk dan tuangkan adonan pada cetakan yang berbentuk telur dan ratakan dengan kuas.
3. Lakukan proses yang sama untuk menghasilkan sesuai dengan keinginan, setelah selesai lalu         dinginkan kan biarkan sampai membeku.
4. Setelah coklat membeku. ambil cetakan dan kemudian dihias sesuai selera

5. Selesai dan sajikan


Rabu, 10 Desember 2014

Sauteed Green Beans spicy sesame sauce

Not to be confused want to cook what the time at home, with the beans and sesame vegetables have been very fulfilling nutrition in growing your need and for how to make it is very easy without the use of a wide variety of condiments but sober enough to spice contained in the available spice containers in the kitchen you, let's try to make vegetable stir-fried green beans with sesame mixture which can increase appetite with family.

Materials - materials
1. Vegetable beans 200 grams
2. 500 grams of sesame which have been roasted with charcoal so distinctive aroma of burnt out
3. ½ tsp sugar passir
4. ½ micin
5. Prepare a spicy soy sauce
6. 2 cloves garlic until finely sliced
7. 2 shallots cicang rough

How to make it
1. Cut-pptong then wash and drain beans
2. Prepare cooking oil, with heated using low heat and saute onion and garlic until wilted into a
3. After wilt enter and stir until blended beans,
4. If the color has been changed to add the sesame into it with a little salt
5. Finally add the sauce prepared to strengthen the distinctive spicy flavor from the beans

Serve for 2 servings, the food is very suitable when enjoyed during the day with family or friends office.